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Fashion of Millenials Wedding

Fashion of Millenials Wedding

They are between 20 and 30 years old, live ultra-connected, but are ready to say yes in long dress and train kilometers like their grandmothers.


It feels good to have a classic and timeless dress. In “classical”, there is the word “class”, is not it?


Although some brides still wear dresses with wide skirts, the Gen Y trend is to the simple, close-fitting wedding dress in a fluid and lightweight fabric.

A veil and lace

This desire for refinement and return to a codified elegance is naturally reflected in the choice of the outfit. Obviously less desirable when it comes from a ready-to-wear line or, worse, from an online purchase. Our team can take you to the best shops to find the best sailing for you!

A decor to match

And what about the veil, the ultimate symbol of the outfit? It is essential and on all heads, girls of 25 years as women of 40 years. It is carried in the back, very long, from 6 to 7 meters, but especially not on the face. Who says love also says custom.


When it comes to hairdressing, brides prefer a light and fresh hairstyle. Long hair will be tempted by a braid wedding hairstyle, loose in the back or on the side, short hair accessorize with a thin crown of flowers, a headband or other scarves carelessly knotted for a hippy chic side.


In men, the bow tie is the big trend of the moment. It is usually chosen in color according to the wedding theme. The groom often invites his best friends to wear this accessory too to be in the note. We now dare the costumes in more colorful tones. Pastel is sometimes preferred for pants or even the entire garment. Blue, electric or royal wedding suits are found in many millennials.