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Imagine what can be your wedding in the most romantic city in the world ?

Experiences, expressions, memories, emotions and dreams coming true !

Rome is one of the most majestic, romantic and historical cities in the world and a wedding in Rome is a promise of magic and whirlwind emotion!

Being the capital city of Italy, Rome is an icon, a symbol of importance at the heart of Italian culture. It is the beating heart of Italy, not only for it’s geographical central position but for what this incredible place represents, visitors and Italians alike.

Then, choosing a wedding location within Lazio region as the frame of a magical wedding means to get a combination of 4 magic spells : Magic, History, Sunlight and Dolce Vita… That’s Amore!


Weddings in Rome are for the couple who want the perfect place to vow to stay together eternally, in the city that we know as the Eternal City.


The options are endless when it comes to choosing your ideal Rome wedding location, and there is something to suit all tastes. And thanks to the proximity of most of the venue we can provide you, you can easily do your ceremony in a Roman church, then celebrate your wedding reception in a beautiful venue not far from Rome and finish this beautiful dream enjoying all this city can offer to you and the people that count the most for you.


Thankfully though, even if you weren’t born in direct line for the throne or are about to wed a prince, you can still feel like royalty on your wedding day with a castle wedding venue.

Italian wedding castles are the perfect choice for weddings in Italy, especially if you love the rich, exciting history of the country. A wedding in an Italian castle could be a splendid, unique event which will be remembered as your day where you were a king and a queen !


A wedding in an Italian villa is a particularly good choice for weddings with 20 or more guests.

You want to celebrate your union in a magnificent lakeside villa surrounded by unspeakable beauty ? Or inside a stunning Renaissance villa with a private pool where you can have an outdoor blessing ceremony in the lovely garden ? Or maybe a villa high on a lush, green hilltop with spectacular view on the Eternal City ?


In a charming medieval hamlet is possible to celebrate the most beautiful day of your life with your guests accomodate with you.

Boho chic wedding in a romantic farmhouses, intimate marriage in a modern countryside homestead, a rustic wedding in a picturesque and archaic old medieval city or a charming reception in an old shed… Start dreaming about the wedding you’ve always wanted !

Hotels - B&B

In Rome there are so many romantic places, from the 5 stars hotel to the lovely bed&breakfast. Your choice will be based on the atmosphere, the view, the romanticism you want to have.

Have you ever dream of a romantic luxury suite with an incredible view on the Coliseum ? Or maybe a private terrace with a view on the roman roofs to marry your beloved one ? Or enjoying a royal position in the city to say yes to your half ?

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Tivoli is a historic hilltown, in the Lazio region of Italy, literally 20km to the east of Rome and has great transport links to the Eternal City. This little charming town is the perfect wedding destination if you are looking for an intimate wedding away from the bustle of Rome but not too far, to enjoy all the pleasures of the Eternal City.

It is now possible to celebrate civil marriages in Tivoli finally opens the doors of its two UNESCO sites, World Heritage sites of humanity : Villa d’Este and Villa Adriana. These two villas are masterpieces of Italian architecture, worldly known town for its wonderful gardens, fountains and villas. And now you can celebrate your wedding in an absolutely amazing setting.

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