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Vineyards, nestled in green sceneries; barrels and good Abruzzo wine… the perfect wedding for real Italy-lovers !

Citadels and castles in the middle of woods and pastures, miles of sandy beaches, lakes and national parks, imposing mountain ranges, UNESCO heritage sites… This is Abruzzo the wild.

A world away from modern Italy, the region of Abruzzo is located in central Italy and stretches from the heart of the Apennines to the Adriatic Sea, on a mostly mountainous and wild terrain.

Abruzzo offers endless of different scenarios for an amazing wedding : wedding on the long sandy beaches, fairy hillside castles and historical villas between mountains and sea, some of the most beautiful medieval towns in the country, rustic hamlets surrounded by vineyards and hill rock and an eclectic and diverse cuisine that changes from the beach to the mountains…

If you love nature and wildlife, a wedding in Abruzzo is the right choice for you.


Pescara, the gateway to the rugged mountainous area of the Abruzzo region, is framed by the stunning snowy peaks of the Apennine Mountains. The land tumbles through the hilltop villages and down to the blue waters of the Adriatic Ocean. In the town of Pescara itself, the long ten-mile stretches of wide, clean and sandy beaches and superb food and wine explain why it is a perfect setting for your Italian wedding to enjoy both beach-side relaxation and mountain adventures.


The distance from Pescara to Chieti is only 20 kilometres. But historically, architecturally and culturally these two provincial capitals in Abruzzo couldn’t be more different. In central Abruzzo, is the provincial capital city of Chieti. In a pretty hilltop setting below Mont Maiella and above the Sangro Valley, the city’s history goes back to before the Roman era. Its surrounding area enjoys the pleasures of wooded mountains, rolling hills and cove-marked coastline, a perfect romantic setting.


The Province of L’Aquila is in the heart of Abruzzo. This is the largest of the four provinces of Abruzzo, and the only one with no access to the sea. Due to its dimensions, it presents a great variety of customs and traditions, history and dialects. The territory of L’Aquila is the Region’s most mountainous, and the most absorbed in its charming landscapes, plunged into the silence of its cities and picturesque villages clinging on mountains or lying on tablelands and valleys.

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