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Destination Wedding

Your Destination Wedding

in Italy and abroad

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Rome is one of the most romantic cities of the world and a perfect location for a destination wedding in Italy, but also for a fantastic honeymoon or for celebrating a special occasion. Ready to design your sensual experience, this city is rich of amazing spots for your wedding pictures and offer romantic venues and some of the country’s finest restaurants, for your unique day.

But in Italy, there are literally unlimited destination wedding place from which to pick out: Capri in Amalfi Coast, Florence in Tuscany, Venice the mythical city, Lake Garda, Cinque Terre in Liguria… The list goes on.

Each city-region has its own special selling points, so much that it could take months to shorten down the options. But there’s one general way to entertain an intimate, exclusive affair, no matter “the where,” and that’s by renting your own Italian-Roman venue for a gorgeous Destination ceremony and reception.

Go for one central location that’s exclusively used for your wedding is an infallible way to bring your friends and family together, creating opportunity for your guests to get to know each other and bond is a great way to make sure people leave your wedding feeling like they had a warm and wonderful time.

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