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Men have their own wedding bouquet !

Men have their own wedding bouquet !

A really new particular trend shows now men with a flowery beard. The look can be worn on the occasion of a wedding but also a festival.

Beards and Flowers : the romantic mix !

It must be admitted that men are not very advantaged on the day of their marriage. They may put on the best of costumes, put on their hairstyles in a fashionable fashion and have a smile on their face, but the general attention will go to the bride. Yes, with her princess dress, her refined accessories and her makeup that gives her the best of mines, the happy wife is the one on whom all eyes are turned. However, it may well be time for change as a recent trend “allows” these gentlemen to appropriate one of the details specific to the bride: the flowers.


Better yet, they can take ownership of them in a way that will not go unnoticed since it’s about integrating them … with their beards! Photos of men proudly displaying their flowery hair grew on Instagram. While some adopt the country look for a photo shoot or a festival, others really dare the day of their wedding (the top of the top is to match the flowers to those chosen by his tender wife, of race). For a union celebrated in the spring or summer, we are in the (h)air…