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Anna Maria Nardi

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A symbolic ceremony is the promise of love between two people.  It is the exact same as a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings.  The only difference is that it is not legally binding. You can opt to get legally married in your home country and have a symbolic ceremony in Rome.

If you prefer, your wedding guests don’t even need to know this is only a symbolic ceremony.  About 30% of our couples decide to have a symbolic ceremony, and for them this is the actual wedding; the legal paperwork is then only a formality.

As simple as Love

A symbolic wedding in Italy gives you the opportunity to make your dreams come true! Charming castles, huge Villas, luxury hotels … Give free to your imagination! Our team of wedding planners will assist you in organizing your big day in every detail.

What do you think of a romantic gondola wedding along the Venetian Canals? Perhaps you would like a very elegant ceremony by the lake at sunset? Or maybe a simple but quite boho ceremony in a rustic village ? Have you dreamed forever of a sea-side wedding in Positano or Capri?

As beautiful as your story !

For your symbolic wedding in Italy we will be very happy to assist you with all kinds of choices: from your personal wishes to music, flowers to the establishment, we are committed to creating the wedding of your dreams in the smallest details! Do you want romantic, creative, casual, traditional, spiritual weddings?

Whatever your wishes, our great team will assist you from the beginning to the end!