Proposal Sayyes !

Anna Maria Nardi

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Woman proposal ? Sayyes !

Woman proposal ? Sayyes !

And why would not the roles be reversed ?

“An invention more than a tradition”

Today the female population is in demand of this equality and that in all the fields: even sentimental. So why should we leave the marriage proposal aside?

Your loved one is reluctant to  propose on one bent knee? It does not matter at all! Yes, actually you do not need him for that, because the request is you who will do it.

Exit the Cliché !

There is no reason a woman can not make a marriage request to a man. More and more men appreciate that women take the initiative ,they are generally impressed. Exit the cliché of the little girl who is waiting for her prince charming! Jump on a Ferrari, put the ring on his finger and marry him !


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