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Vineyard Italian Destination Wedding

Vineyard Italian Destination Wedding

A romantic elope in Roman Countryside

If you think about eloping in Italy maybe the first destinations that will come to your mind could be Italian Lakes or city of arts like Rome, Verona, Firenze, Venezia, or even Amalfi Coast or italian Riviera. Well actually we could help on all these destinations thanks to our knowledge of Italy .

Among my favorite locations for a Vineyard countryside wedding in Italy, is the Roman countryside-certainly, there are many vineyards. I like the rustic feeling that country homes and wine cellars have and I always suggest to my clients that love Country Side ,to celebrate their wedding in the vineyards. I have picked few unbelievable locations for my weddings in the vineyards. There are many more but these have something special and distinctive . First of all they are Vineyard on the outskirts of Rome, with 30 minutes you arrive at your destination, and start enjoying the wines of the famous Castelli Romani. These wines known by the Roman Emperor Adriano , he had his vineyards and his wine was a nectar of Gods. If you also want to have this experience that will remain in the memory of all of you, all you have to do is contact me. The seasons in these places are all perfect. To make you dream,come true think that in addition to the vineyards in the Roman Castles there are olive groves, and you can make a precious oil tasting. Their cured meats are world famous, their Porchetta (roast coated crackling pork shoulder) rich herb flavors is the highlight for your menu and Tagliatelle alla romana,with meat ragu,is one of the signature dishes of Rome.
Are you ready for a fairytale wedding, in a sea of fragrant wine?

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