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An incredible Destination wedding in Apulia

An incredible Destination wedding in Apulia

A wedding destination for people of unique taste, the real Apulian style.

If you are looking for something rustic or luxurious,trendy, and charming a Masseria or Trulli ,is what you are looking for. When you think about Apulia, you immediately recall the crystal waters of Salento, white cliffs of Gargano, or charming Trulli in Alberobello. However, there is also another Apulia, which is less known but equally evocative, mysterious, and full of charm.  The Masseria a traditional farmhouse, built between the 15th  to the 18th century. Elegant and overwhelming atmosphere.

A Masseria is either Bed & Breakfast or Self Catering and usually has a swimming pool ,garden and other amenities.

The Trullo is a stone house with a round conical roof ,the Alberobello town has become a UNESCO World Heritage Site ,now a symbol of Puglia.

In Italy you have a lifestyle wedding experiences, Italy, the country of love and beauty. We are waiting for you, we will be with you wherever you want to get married . We have chosen for you some of the most beautiful Masserie, let us know what you think, which is your favorite.

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