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Dreamy Rooftop Views

Dreamy Rooftop Views

Are you thinking of organizing a Destination Wedding on a wonderful terrace?

A wedding on the terrace can take your guests’ breath away. We celebrate diversity in weddings, and want to bring inspiration to couples of all faiths, cultures, genders, sizes and styles.

The roofs are such a charming, chic, memorable and versatile backdrop for an unforgettable event.A space that lends itself to many variations, en plein air, now it will be easy to touch the sky with a finger! Ideal reception on the terrace where you can create a mini garden, a gazebo, you can adorn them with marquees, lanterns and romantic string lights, or keep them simple and let the view do the talking. The high altitude that will make you  love the dizzy. These  special areas vary ,the rent cost is, according to the season, to the number of guests to the city. In general, consider from 1.000 to 6.000 €. In this post I show you one of the most beautiful small terraces in the world.In Rome,in front of the Colosseum you can almost touch it.It is the Palazzo Manfredi, a magnificent hotel, in fact it is part of the Small Luxury Hotel of the World. Not quite big enough for a wedding party of more than 50 people, if you are planning a Destination Wedding Elopment for two or 50 people this is the perfect Roman place to do it.In Italy we are also famous for the terraces, which turn golden in the afternoon at sunset, to enrich the most beautiful day.The power of terracotta! In every Italian town, or small town, magical terraces await you.

No worries, our services cover all areas of an event. We also take care of the fashion part. We help you choose the perfect outfit for the perfect terrace!

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