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Destination Wedding 2021 NEW TRENDS

Destination Wedding 2021 NEW TRENDS

the perfect setting for a wedding will be nature, many couples will love to celebrate outdoors and in daylight. The possibilities of organizing a memorable celebration with these features are endless. Had you thought about it?

Day weddings
Although so far more than 60% of the events took place during the afternoon or at night, it is essential for the trends for 2021 are day weddings regardless of the time of year.
Ceremony and celebration outdoors
Getting married and celebrating the subsequent banquet outdoors, in direct contact with nature and enjoying the wonderful views of the environment, will have more prominence than ever next year. It can be in a garden, in the beautiful italian countryside,on a terrace, in a forest, next to the Amalfi coast ocean, under a beautiful tent if the temperatures drop or the weather conditions do not accompany …
Intimate and protocol-free weddings
Naturalness will be the maximum for weddings in 2021, which will have less protocol than in previous years. Also, in general, it will be about more intimate links and with very close people. The “essentials” really.
Choosing suppliers faithful to your beliefs
Beyond the style of their previous work and its price, the wedding professionals will also be chosen based on criteria of solidarity, diversity and sustainability, deeply rooted among current couples. Your wedding planner has known the best for years, you will not have disappointment, but only joy and tranquility.
The technology more present than ever
Although it has been landing on the bridal scene years ago, the truth is that technology will bring couples and providers even closer through virtual reality and virtual tours. Something that will be especially significant at the level of wedding planners and spaces for celebration.
More natural arrangement of chairs and tables
The place occupied by the chairs and tables both during the ceremony and throughout the celebration will be free, less symmetrical, but always respecting the distances and groupings established at all times.
Naturalness above all
Both in the wedding dresses of 2021 and in the groom suits.
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