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Exciting landscape will frame your special Destination event.

Exciting landscape will frame your special Destination event.

Your banquet, in a land where everything is magical.

We know you have some wedding questions If so you are in lack!
You just have to ask. Our fairy tale wedding.
In the ancient Arabic village built around the Castle, between the lush forest and the streets of the historic center of Agrigento surrounding weave. A labyrinth where you can be sublimely lost, bewitched by the ancient walls in which a timeless past is held. Here the beating heart of Sicily vibrates at the wind that moves the fronds of the oaks of the enchanting wood. Here your destination Wedding, your dreams can come to life.
In this magical place where time is subtle, between Marsala and Erice, in the land that was home to the elves, the Tenuta is born, an elegant location between history and nature that will make unforgettable your special day.

This Location in Sicily is the perfect place to organize every event of your life: communions, anniversaries, birthdays, confirmations, weddings, baptisms, graduation parties, in a charming scenery. A flawless location in the Sicilian hinterland, gently lying on the hills.The unique scents and flavors of this magnificent land, the ancient stone immersed in the green of the hills, and the exciting landscape will frame your special event.

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