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Civil Wedding in Tivoli 2021

Civil Wedding in Tivoli 2021

Roman Emperor location

Destination Wedding !
One of the most beautiful locations in the world. Make your Destination Wedding dream come true in Tivoli. I have to tell you facts that you may already know, the Emperor Hadrian, left us many wonders in the world.In one of these you could get married.The Villa Adriana in Tivoli built in 123 AD ,now world Heritage Site.Hadrian a virile and energetic man, a military commander, perceptive ruler and part-time poet. …
A wonderful place, unique in the world, for Civil weddings / legal weddings, Elopment, and symbolic weddings, exchanging of vows. 30 minutes by car from Rome-Villa Adriana and Villa D’Este known as the French villas of Versailles with its fountains.Tivoli an enchanting and unforgettable place also for your guests, a stone’s throw from Rome, a ceremony and a banquet of delights, worthy of the emperor who lived here.
There are many requests, as there are longer than usual waiting times due to register office being closed during the lock down.We advice you if interested to book your church or wedding location as soon as possible.Until clarification on the wedding protocol for both ceremonies and reception are published this will happen on May 17th 2021, we can start booking, for 2022, if you are not in a hurry.
If, on the other hand, you are interested in a wedding in the countryside, Tivoli and its surroundings are the perfect place for the banquet and Civil Religious Symbolic Marriage..

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