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A fairy tale Destination Wedding embedded into reality -could be this Relais 5 star Luxury slogan

A fairy tale Destination Wedding embedded into reality -could be this Relais 5 star Luxury slogan

If you are looking for an Italian destination wedding with a stunning view look no further. Thus spectacular location on the amazing Lake Orta will welcome you and your guests with delicious Italian cuisine top-notch chef and a stunning Hotel with 14 rooms,with an Arabian Nights flair, then Villa Crespi is your ideal venue!

A Moorish Palace with Mediterranean Panache of one of the best Italy’s Lakes Housed in a beautiful Moorish-style building on the banks of the Lake. This is a dream come true along the shores of the Lake, a small jewel considered one of the most romantic lakes in the world. Situated on a hill from which it dominates the Lake, in the northen region. Built in 1879, is now part of the Chateaux group, the abode’s Moorish style architecture and gardens -dropping down to the lake’s shores.
First of all let me tell you something about Villa Crespi.
Villa Crespi is located in Orta San Giulio on Lake Orta one of the most fascinating lakes in the Piemonte region.
A bit of history:
This home was built by the end of 1879 by Beniamino Crespi, a rich Italian business man charmed by Bagdad’s appeal. It took 12 years to build this wonderful building and for its handcrafts he decided to use the most precious materials. The green marbles came from Polcevera,the red ones from Levanto, he wanted Sicily jaspers, Swedish, Spanish and French marbles.
As for the stuccoes he wished for handmade embossed copper moulds. There were stalls for horses, a greenhouse, a dock a big wall with wonderful iron gates and a 48 meters minaret; all this was surrounded by terraced gardens toward the Lake. At this point in history, to find out more because you want to organize an event, a wedding, a birthday, a business meeting, call me at +39 338 2276 547 or write me I can’t wait to talk to you!

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