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Here your wedding will be a painting, you just have to frame it!

Here your wedding will be a painting, you just have to frame it!

Dear brides and grooms, today with the new year, I want to talk to you about the sensations that a destination wedding will make you feel here with us in the 2022!

I propose to you, the destination wedding that is not forgotten. The celebrations of the Destination Weddings in Italy are diverse, in relation to their multiple cultural expressions and changing traditions of the foreign couple who want to get married in Italy. However, like marriages in any country, the rituals of the exchange of rings and the promise of love between the bride and groom is the same.
Being rather characteristic of Italy in the celebration of weddings, the delivery. Great banquet that is offered to the guests with typical dishes of Italian gastronomy, this makes the difference. Symbolic rite, civil rite, religious rite, it will be enchanting, romantic, tasty coloured and fun.
Together we will discover an enchanted place, just 30 minutes from Rome, of rare beauty, with spaces for all sizes of ceremony, and a park that has nothing to envy to English villas, yes, feel like princesses, and let me know what you think about .
Guests can stay if they wish, the rooms are welcoming and elegant.Two nights minimum stay!
I forgot to tell you that the prices are very attractive!

Do not hesitate to contact us !