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Find the perfect destination wedding venue in Italy

Find the perfect destination wedding venue in Italy

Today I will enchant you with the wonderful Lazio region.

Lazio is in the heart of Italy, we will do a visit in the capital Rome and some Lazio towns.
They are towns that must be visited and I also propose them for your events and not just as a tour.
Take into consideration the cities and towns that I suggest to you.
Rome the capital, the most beautiful city!
Tivoli at the gates of Rome, an attraction where the emperors went to relax, the thermal baths, only 30 km from Rome, the thermal baths are still there, and you could enjoy them. A hidden gems, world heritage site.
Frascati, another town not to be missed, sits on the Alban Hill. Impressive villas, white wines the scenery of the hills that embrace the Capital, and then many wineries and two cellars in particular, the vines and bunches are inviting, where to drink and party. An event, your event ,with joy and fun.
The Bracciano lake, just 30 km from Rome, the Orsini Castle will welcome you with your guests, an enchanting lake, there are some stunning villas, which welcome the newlyweds and their guests
Viterbo 80 km from Rome.Medieval gem, a destination for wedding, beautiful artistic attractions and famous thermal bath.Lazio is a region full of possibilities when it comes to breathtaking places.
Find the right locationis one of the first and most important step when organizing your event.We will help you to choose the perfect setting for you wedding, we consider your wishes, your dreams, the budget and the guests numbers.
Have you thought about what style to give to your event? I will help you, together we will find your venue in Lazio and the style that will be perfect for you.
Lazio welcomes you with:
Villas. Chapel / Church / Temple. it will depend on your creed.Garden .Golf / Country club .Historic / lLand mark building .Hotel. Lake.Mansion, Winery / Vineyard.Terrace.Yackt / Boat
Marriage can be, Legal, Religious, Symbolic and more.
Now it’s your turn, I’ll wait for you.

Do not hesitate to contact us !