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Allons-y French wedding!

Allons-y French wedding!

I had the opportunity to organise several French events in my career and all of them were a great experience! Thanks to all the couples who chose me.

We are celebrated in this October 2022 a French wedding in a Roman stunning Villa, it’s still incredible summer in Rome!
This French wedding was held in Lazio in Rome for our joli couple Alyson and Marc. With their beautiful ceremony held in a small historic Italian ancient church in Rome center “Campo dei Fiori”.Was then back to the Villa situated in “the queen of Roads” 2300 -years old Roman road,for a French/Italian cocktail in the magical garden and the incredible swimming Pool. The evening commenced with emotional speeches, the best ones were the Best Man Speeches , lots of dancing and a very talented band!
Photographer Daniele was there to capture all the emotions of the day “Personally, I loved this wedding because of the mix of the classic French touches and the Italian exquisite banqueting and stunning location.. It makes sense to combine these two ways of life to have a really amazing unforgettable wedding.

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